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Sign up and meet

Sign up and meet

Describe your project and we'll assign a dedicated project manager to survey your site and answer any questions you might have.

Site Survey
Task List

Sign up and meet

We'll build a plan for you

Our backend team finds the best products and services suited to your requirement. We create an optimised project plan which includes estimates and timelines.


Sign up and meet

Hassle free execution

Once the plan is approved we will supervise the quality, safety and security on site so that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Bill Management
Quality Checking
Site Supervision

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Currently only in Delhi NCR.

Packages Offered

Price Rs. 0 Rs. 5,000 Rs. 25,000 Starting @ 60,000 /month
Phase 1 : Initiation
Site Visit
Rough Estimate
Phase 2 : Design & Planning
2D Drawings
3D Views 3500/view 3500/view 3500/view
Detailed Project Plan
Itemized Costing
Contractor Recommendations
Phase 3 : Management
Procurement Assistance Upto 3 visits Upto 5 visits
Quality Inspections 3 reports Weekly report
Phone Support
Weekly Client Meetings
Payment Management
Dedicated Site Supervisor
Phase 4 : Closing
Bill Checking
Post Completion Support 1 month 3 month

Save time and energy on your home renovations

BuildingBlox makes Renovations Easier for you with our personal concierge service.

Save money on design

We know you've browsed the internet for design ideas. Tell us what you like, and we'll customize it to your space. You don't need an expensive designer.

Receive a professional project plan

Project plans are no longer only applicable to large expensive projects. We will help you understand what products and services go into your new space, how long individual tasks take, and a breakdown of the costs associated with your project.

Get no-hassle, on-time, high-quality delivery

Our project manager will ensure that your newly remodeled space is presented to you on-time, at the highest level of quality, and without hassle from labor, shopkeepers, and your neighbors....we are your single point of contact through the project.