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What is a design proposal?

A proposal is a document you send a client when pitching for their project, this document includes details that will help them understand the scope and cost of their project and learn more about you.

Writing a design proposal can frustrate the best of designers, it takes time, you never know how much detail to put in it, and worst of all you need to dedicate a lot of work before the client has even decided to hire you.

What should I put in a design proposal?

Anticipate your clients’ questions, focus on presentation, ask for their business
At the start of the project clients have a lot of questions, they want to know the process, what their project will cost, why it will cost that much, how long it will take to complete, when you can start etc. and they want to know more about you.

Generally clients are looking to you for your expertise, if you can demonstrate a detailed understanding of the job at hand this will go a long way in building the client’s confidence in you.

A good interior design proposal will have most of the following details: project budget specifications, timelines, construction materials list and brands and some reference images relevant to the project.

Why are proposals important?

Clients will decide whether to give you their business based on this document. You need to convince them that you are a professional who can be trusted with the job. As they interview multiple service providers, the proposal is the document that will give them the first insight into the project. It is important that you are able to anticipate and answer all their questions so that they are duly impressed, and feel comfortable engaging with you.

Many professionals believe that charging a lower fee will win them more business, but in reality the client’s biggest concern is ‘trust’ and they are willing to pay a higher fee if you come across as professional and transparent.

Why use our design proposal tool?

Faster, better looking, less mistakes
The BuildingBlox Free design proposal template helps interior designers create proposals that are sleek and detailed. Clients don’t want to open up multiple excel files and ppt’s to see the proposal. A single document with all the relevant information in logical sequence makes a huge difference in how the client perceives you as a professional. It only takes a few minutes to create a detailed proposal, saving hours of your time.

Where can I see an estimate sample ?

See a sample design estimation and costing pdf built with our boq format for interior work. Our proposals are sure to impress your clients and help you convert twice as many leads.

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