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BuildingBlox is dedicated to making your next renovation hassle free, browse our virtual expo of building products and services, or make an appointment with one of our renovation managers today.

This platform brings the building industry online and allows you to efficiently execute your next project.

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BuildingBlox is an Internet-based remodeling company changing the way renovations are done in homes today. We organize the market around a streamlined process of project management to revolutionize the way projects are designed, planned and executed. Tools and technology for customers, project managers, and contractors form the backbone that helps provide customers with quality renovations, on time, and within budget.

We provide customers a single point of contact for their projects, and deliver a hassle-free experience. Our project experience includes both small and large, from overhauling a bathroom, to commercial building and farmhouse interiors.

Our Team

Abir Chopra

Abir Graduated from SCIarc with a Masters in Architecture in 2010, He has worked in the field of building and design for over 10 years now, in Delhi NCR as well as Manhattan New York, having worked on projects ranging from apartment interiors to commercial buildings. Prior to this he studied architecture at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor USA.

Nipun Virmani

Nipun graduated from MIT Sloan School of Management with an MBA in 2011, and has worked on a few start-ups in Healthcare and Internet technologies during his time at Sloan. He also recently co-founded and ran RoomStory.com, an online marketplace for home décor, furnishings, and furniture. Prior to MIT he worked with Goldman Sachs in their Technology group.

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